September 2017 Working letter:

posted Oct 1, 2017, 1:29 PM by marwa atia

These topics will be covered during September:


·        Introduce class theme.

·     Determine and interpret classroom rules using Classroom rules chart.

·        Encourage conversation to enhance the speaking level.

·        Recognize the alphabets.

·   Upper case and lower case letter recognition using ABC song Capital and small letters flash cards and I have, who has game cards.

·        Write the crawling letters using Crawling letters (a,c..)

·        Write the descenders and ascenders (h,f....,j,y....) 

·   Revise CVC words and High frequency words flash cards.

·        Enhance their confidence and self esteem.



·       Recognition of number remembering to count up or down using motion and board games.

·  Match word numbers with numbers.

·       Recapping the numbers from 0-50 then from 50-100.

·       Introduce the teens, 20's and the 30's in the hundred chart.

·       Ordering numbers from the smallest to the greatest.

·       Recall the family facts, families of 5 & 10.